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It's time for episode 22! Jen and Joe had some stuff come up so our good friend Rico from the Treks in Sci-Fi podcast joins Chris this week. 

They chat about some news stories, including:

The passing of Christoper Lee:

Ewan McGregor is interested in playing Obi Wan again:

James Horner dies in plane crash:

Gaming news from E3:


The Old Republic:

The guys then get onto talking about the first episode of Rebels season 2 (SPOILER WARNING!), summer movies and more.

To end off, another top 5 list. This time it's Chris and Rico's top 5 sci fi themes.

Closing music: Battle Beyond the Stars by James Horner.

Next  time, we'll be discussing our next book, The Paradise Snare by A.C Crispin. 

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Welcome to Star Wars Stacks episode 21, where we discuss Paul S. Kemp's new novel Lords of the Sith. 

As with all our book review shows, we first cover some news:

Annie Leibovitz interview:

John Williams to begin scoring sessions soon:

Then, we get to the book. As always, we begin with a spoiler-free reading of the publisher's summary and our initial impressions of the book. Then we sound the alarm and get into our plot summary and detailed spoiler filled opinions.

If you'd like to read the book yourself, you can get it on Amazon:

Next time, we're heading back to the Legends era with the first book in the Han Solo trilogy, The Paradise Snare (

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