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In episode eight of The Star Wars Stacks, Chris, Jen and Joe discuss Shadows of the Empire, written by Steve Perry (Publication Date: April 1, 1996).

Before the book though, we discuss a little bit about the major episode 7 concept art leak.

Next, we get into the spoiler free section where we give a "back cover" overview of the novel and our initial general impressions.

Finally, we spoil the heck out of the book. After the alerts we get into the spoiler seciton. If you haven't finished the book, or haven't started it yet, listen to the first half of this episode then pause it when you hear the alert. Return to this episode of the Star Wars Stacks when you have finished the novel and are ready to hear the full discussion. 

One month from now, The Star Wars Stacks will release the next episode: a review of the newly released novel, A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. Do you have comments on this episode? MP3 audio, emails, Tweets and Facebook feedback welcome! Here's how you can contact the hosts:


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