The Star Wars Stacks

Here comes a super special edition of the Star Wars Stacks where the three of us have a great disucssion about some of the news that came out of this weekend's Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015.

We talk at length about the second Force Awakens teaser trailer, the upcoming Battlefront game, Rebels Season 2, Rogue One, Lando comics, costumes, models, observations, guesses about episode 7 and even more!

Next time, we PROMISE to finally talk about the first season of Rebels.

Send us your emails about the trailer, any of the books we covered Rebels or how wrong Joe is about things at

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It's our bi-weekly news show! Jen is busy with some work stuff so we dragged our official SWStacks fact-checker and thorn in Chris' side, Mr. Bryan Dunn.

We first discuss the following news items:

Ep 7 trailer 2 in front of Avengers 2: 

Star Wars digital editions: 

Kevin J Anderson Talks Star Wars Canon, The New Movies And The Novels: 

TIE Fighter anime short film:

After that we discuss our thoughts on the four new Star Wars comic series, read emails and as usual talk about a whole bunch of stuff, both Star Wars and otherwise.

Finally, Jen narrated an audiobook and it's on Audible! Check out Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass:

Next time, we'll be discussing our thoughts on the first season of Rebels! Send your emails our way!

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